contact-usBecause the level of care available in veterinary medicine is now nearly that of human medicine in most specialties, there may be cases or situations where we suggest or recommend a referral to a specialist for the best care or more complete work-up of a difficult case.  Chemo therapy, CT scans, MRIs, ophthalmic surgeries and complex neuro surgeries are just some of the services that are available for those who desire to pursue them in the Metro East area.  For the significant investment of time and financial resources that can be involved, we believe that complex procedures are best done by those with expert training and experience.  We understand that some owners choose to “spare no expense” and some choose less extreme measures of care.  We completely understand both positions and will never pressure anyone to do more than they want, but we do want to make our clients aware that we have working relationships with the specialty practices in the area and will happily provide referral and work as a team with specialists if you desire to go to the next level of care.